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For most people, the onset of winter means good tidings, great outfits and
Cool Runnings.
But for over 40,000 British women, October brings a cold reminder of what
could have been had they not had the gift of detecting their breast cancer
before it was too late.
Two years ago, We Are KIN's creative director, Ngoni Chikwenengere found
herself in that exact position. Thankfully her tumour was deemed benign after
tests and a biopsy was removed without complications but the scare was enough
to encourage the fashion designer to raise both awareness and funds for
We Are KIN is not just a brand for the ambitious and multi-faceted woman, it is
also a  platform that aims to raise and challenge issues that effect the modern
female. This is a space to watch, speak and create. 
Our topically created t-shirts, which are a collaboration with industry illustrator
and KIN designer,
Beci Kelly, will be sure to leave tongues-a-wagging and boobs a-banging in a
appreciation as everyone who's anyone is left dying to know where you got your
sassy t-shirt from. 
This may be the only time a compliment a day, keeps the doctor away, whilst
simultaneously laughing to the Boob Bank!
"As young, tenacious woman it can be easy to overlook or ignore symptoms,
 fearing the worst and avoiding the truth. But as Ngoni knows, early detection is a
head start that should not be passed up on. Cop a feel, get familiar with your
body,  look out for changes and get yourself checked out at the first sign of
trouble.  As we all hear way too often, health is wealth, and who doesn't want to
be rich?"
- Ngoni Chikwenengere | Creative Director  We Are Kin
Check Yo Self Girl!



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