We Are KIN's creative director, Ngoni Chikwenengere and two of her 'Kin' Anne-Grit Maier and Francesca Van Haverbeke (an Art Director and a Copywriter respectively) found themselves wondering why people often say it takes balls - body parts half of us don't possess last time we checked - to do something courageous? We think it takes tits too, so we made this t-shirt.

We hope you love this seasons topically created t-shirt to celebrate International Women's Day  with a third of profits going to Refuge a charity that does great work for women and children, The Fawcett Society and Women's Aid equally.

We Are KIN is not just a brand for the ambitious and multi-faceted woman, it is also a platform that aims to raise and challenge issues that affect the modern female. This is a space to watch, speak and create. 


Many thanks to our model pal Rasha Muddares who is wearing our Unisex T-shirt in a size Medium.